Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter from Michael 3-3-2014- Tumelo


So this Sunday we had an investigator besides Cynthia come to church. His name is Tumelo. We have taught him a few time and he is an easy going fun guy to teach. He even agreed to come teach with us sometimes. He made a commitment to a baptism date but still needs to pray about all of these things we have introduced to him. He has been reading and mostly understanding the Book of Mormon. He is also looking for a job. Someone in our branch works at a restaurant called Spur and I introduced him to Tumelo and said that Tumelo is looking for a job. They talked quite a bit so it is good that he found a friend in the church. Eddy, the guy who works at Spur, said he could get him a job. He was glad he came to church. We walked part of the way to church with him. During church it was raining super hard. Good thing it wasn't while we were walking. 
So we have plenty of people to teach... the only problem is that they are all women. We can't even teach them because there are no male's around. Luckily we have gotten 3 male investigators  who said they would come teach with us... when they're available. I'm a bit sick of so many people saying they believe in God and Jesus and then they light straight to our faces. Too many people are not serious and just play games with us. But that is when we just drop them and look for those few who really care.
By the way the road from Mokopane to Polokwane literally exploded! A big truck ran into another truck filled with dynamite and explosive caps. It left a huge crater in the earth and trees all around were wiped out. Some cops died and some other people died. Some people that the were in the Seshego Elder's group got blown up. So sad. 
Good news is I am done with the 12 week training program! I'm no longer an infant on the mission! Other good news is that I had the best fast ever this Sunday. I decided to have a better attitude about it and it just went a lot better. That's about it. Today we are having a zone activity (hike) and spending the night at the mission home. Then tomorrow is zone conference.  I can't think of much else worth typing. I am grateful for the fullness of the restored gospel.
- Elder Johnson 

From his litter to his mom:
Yes, I read my blessing on Saturday. Moses #1 is okay. We started chatting with his 18 year-old son a bit and ended up introducing the Book of Mormon to him. We planned to come by and teach him. We will get the whole family 1 by 1. We will get the wife next after the son. Cynthia came to church again and she will be baptized on March 30th. Tumelo might be next. I don't know. I did get pictures of the misty mountains but they didn't turn out great because I was in the back seat. But I could still send some pics next time. We drove past the baboons too quickly so I didn't get pictures of any of those. Nice poem! Yes, I got the other stuff too. I like the pen. Transfers are soon. In just a couple weeks now. The district leader I know wants Elder Haynes and I to stay in the area a bit longer since we opened the area. The zone leaders think the same but also because they love having us. It makes sense to me but really, anything could happen. Love you!
- Elder Johnson

 From letter to his dad:
I am glad you liked the letter. That is sad about Bro. Holmes. I will pray for the family. Thanks for sending the pictures, I enjoy them. Thanks for the BYU updates. Go BYU sports! So Lionel came to church this Sunday. Last week he was doing an Ikedo thing and the week before he just slept n. Hopefully he will be steady in church attendance. His blessing really strengthened him though. I'm glad he got it.

Article on the explosion is found at:,-truck-driver-burn-following-truck-explosion-20140227

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