Monday, March 31, 2014

3-31-2014- Cynthia and Precious got baptized!

     3-31-2014- Cynthia and Precious got baptized!

3-31-2014- Cynthia and Precious got baptized!
William came to church for the first time since Precious was getting baptized. It was good to see her whole family there. Theo, her mom who is less active, came as well. Baptizing was pretty cool. Cynthia went first and then Elder Davies, Zone Leader, baptized Precious. Yesterday Elder Davies forgot to bring a white shirt to baptize in. So he had to used a gigantic, old, and stained one. I forgot to bring pants but I was able to find some there that were clean and the right size.
This week was the best week as far as lessons that we have ever had. Elder Haynes was impressed. Wednesday and Saturday were our best days. We have a whole bunch of new people we are teaching. Concorer has been coming out with us to teach the women investigators and he has been contributing well in each of the lessons. At fist we weren't too sure about him but I asked him what he thought about the Book of Mormon and the things we teach. He says, "It is real." He seemed interested in watching general conference so we will have to invite him to watch it. Tumelo needs to come to church more but he still reads and studies. Molefa, the diabetic who is going blind we gave an audio Book of Mormon. We dropped Moses because he won't progress.
On Friday we had a good zone meeting about being obedient, dropping investigators, and helping people progress towards baptism. It was really good. After that we helped Sister Tyler, Lionel's grandmother, move into a new building in the senior home. She was very grateful and gave us pizza. It was fun doing service again. Oh, on Sunday in sacrament meeting we sang the mission song. The people liked it but I'm still not a fan of singing.
On P-day last week was a lot of fun back at the game reserve. We got to chase rhinos around and stuff. I didn't get any pictures because my camera was at the flat but Elder Mcclellan got some amazing pictures of the rhinos and me with the rhinos. I probably will never get those pictures from him though. He is not one to share. Today we are going to see lions and cheetahs... I love Africa! A guy in our ward offered to take us up to Kruger's National Park for free! He is quite wealthy. We got it authorized so we can go. Well, that is a small summary of the week.
- Elder Johnson

Part of his email to his mom:
Yes, I got to baptize Cynthia. It was very cool. She bore a very good testimony. I think her son will get baptized sometime in the near future. The driving. I haven't had another chance to continue learning to drive. We are too busy on the 2 days we get to have the car. Yes, I have spent money for example hair clippers. I cut my own hair now. It doesn't seem much like fall. It is a bit cooler. that is all.
Part of his email to his dad:
I have not gotten another chance to drive because we don't get the car often and we are busy. Is Bishop Sharp your teaching companion now? How is he doing? We didn't get to finish email but we'll be back tonight.
Elder Winward became president last Sunday and I'll get to skype on their computer. Sounds like a cool movie. That is great that you can read the French version now. I is a good refresher I bet. I got your letter last week. Way to use the sandwich method, haha. Thanks for the encouragement. How do you think BYU did over all this year? Love you!  
- Elder Johnson

Notes about the pictures he sent:
P-DAY This has been the best pday activity

You should look up Kruger National Park sometime. I hear it is very cool. Bro. Sekhula is taking us.(another time)

Baptism of Cynthia

Baptism of Precious with her relatives

The guide with the lions. He pet the full grown ones on the snout!

Petting a cheetah

Cat nap

Holding a lion cub. (Circle of Life!)

Vehicle we rode in

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