Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4-8-2014- Confirmation and Kruger National Park

Letter from Michael 4-8-2014  (Confirmation and Kruger National Park)
This Sunday Cynthia was confirmed a new member of the church. It was nice. Her father did the confirmation and we gave her the "New Member Kit." I forgot to tell you that President Omer gave a challenge for everyone to have at least one baptism in the month of March. Not every companionship got a baptism but there was enough baptisms in the mission for each of them to have them. I think there were 106 baptisms in the mission during March. I thought that was cool and President was quite pleased with the results. This week wasn't super great or bad either. We found a father lead family to teach. We found them when we started tracting in Peninna Park again. We were supposed to see them Sunday night but they got busy and were robbed early in the morning that Sunday. We had a powerful lesson with Johannes about the Book of Mormon. He was excited to start reading it and said he would read 2 hours a day. But he also said he would come to church... Next time we will see what is up.
On April 1st we got pranked by the Seshego Elders in our flat. They put all of our bedroom stuff in the living room and then the living room furniture in our bedroom.I have some pictures of it. Then we gave out flat keys to the Zone Leaders who got Seshego as back for us. All of a sudden pranking was awful from their perspective. Some people can give it but can't take it. It was funny. They also put some goldfish in the flat that we found. One died that night and then the other died in the chlorinated bath tub a few days later. We were going to give the fish to a member named Eddy.
Kruger National Park was amazing. Brother Sekhula paid for snacks, drinks, a ton of food, and the whole works. We saw so many animals and the area is huge. The coolest part was seeing Crocodiles kill and eat a zebra. So so violent but quite the experience. We saw hippos finally. Two of them were fighting to the death. We saw Elephants for the first time. At this place we we're not allowed to get out off the cars. This is a great mission for teaching and Preparation Days.
- Elder Johnson

Part of Michael’s letter to his mom:

Precious was confirmed last week because her boarding school was probably not going to let her come for  a while. We won't watch conference at the church here til 2 week later. We did see some of Sunday session. We saw some of the Prophet, Elder Holland, a lady, and Neil L. Anderson. Great talks!

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