Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 (Second Week of April)

April 14, 2014 (Second Week of April)

Still no General Conference. Next Sunday we will have the Priesthood session and the Lady session at the church. As far as the work we are trying to sift the wheat for serious investigators. So most of the old ones we don't have anymore. We still have Tumelo though. He is reading the Book of Mormon but we are struggling to get him to church.
We met some new people to teach. It is an unmarried couple with a friend. We have taught them twice. They made a commitment but they have a lot to be taught and a long ways to go. They were very good lessons and this will bless their lives.
We may go zip-lining today. We will see. Also might get to play sports for the first time since New Year Day. I'm excited! Cynthia is still doing well and is very strong. She was so prepared when we came here. All we had to do with her is give her some truth and light. She is self motivated which is great. We taught her about the priesthood last week.
- Elder Johnson

parts of letter to his mom:  We are trying to find a new set of people to teach though. Tumelo is kinda still hanging in there though. He is the only investigator we still have who is far in the lessons.The pictures of the animals fighting did not turn out.

Parts of letter to his dad: The elephant was heading right towards us. That is great that Calvin cought 8 fish! That is a lot! Tell him I said good job
(the elephant picture from last week)

Cub wearing a hat

Paparazzi and the famous elephant

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