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Letter from Michael 3-24-2014-Baptisms this coming Sunday

Letter from Michael 3-24-2014-Baptisms this coming Sunday

Dear everyone,

So there will be two baptisms this coming Sunday. Precious, who is William's daughter is getting baptized. She used to be our investigator but is going to a boarding school now in the Zone Leader's are. Then Cynthia is still good for baptism on Sunday. Cynthia is having me baptize her and then her father will do the confirmation. Her father is no longer the branch president. The senior missionary, Elder Winward, is now the branch president.

I served in Mokopane again on Friday but this time with Elder Kafusi. It was good.  Elder Haynes and Elder George saw Tumelo on Friday. He has not come to church the past couple Sundays. He needs to get his priorities in order. Just after the lesson with him someone drove their car right through Tumelo's wall and left the car there. Random! Boy, I have got to get a picture of that! No one got hurt though. I hope not, anyway.

We now have a car two days a week. We barrow the zone leader's car on Tuesday's and Thursdays. Don't worry, we got it Authorized. The car is a manual so I will have to learn. Elder Haynes gave me one lesson so I've got the lower gears down okay. Pushing in the clutch all the time is a bit annoying. I think I will always prefer auto. A mission is hard but it is worth it. Good fruits are coming from hard work.

- Elder Johnson

Part of Michael’s letter to his dad.

Cynthia and Precious came to church. Bernard is able to walk a bit now. He came to the church. But he goes to the one that is a branch off our branch. We had Eddy help us teach the women on Thursday. The only problem was that there was no one available to teach that day. It was quite rough. We had one lesson and a kinda lesson that day. I know about the batteries. I just forgot to bring fresh ones. That is cool that Ian works at the Mr. Hotshine now. Good job, you and Mom being social! It is nice isn't it. Lionel is consistently a hit and miss at church. But at least he comes. He came last Sunday but not yesterday.Thanks for the email and updates!
Elder Johnson

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