Monday, March 17, 2014

3-10-2014   This Saturday we get BIG news on who goes 
(This was not posted last week, but now is 3-17-2014)


So we had zone conference last Tuesday which was really good. We learned a lot on how to be more effective missionaries. Monday/P-day we were going to go on a hike but we ended up just getting lost and never made it. But we did eat at a nice restaurant on the way down to Joburg. It took us about 6 hours to get down there from here because of the getting lost. I finally decided to go ahead and order a mini quad of scriptures. 

On Friday we had exchanges and Elder George, the District Leader, came down to teach with me. He gave some good advice and we were able to help some less active that day. This Sunday Russell, a less active, and his friend finally came to church. All we had to do was be bold. That is something I could be better about and have done better this weekend. Oh, I have a random weird story. So the Seshego Elders have a member intheir branch named Bernard. He is pretty young. He is only in his 20's or 30's. He had 3 strokes and found out he has diabetes. He died 3 times in the hospital. The Elders gave him a blessing. Then he died. So the hospital had Bernard all covered up in the plastic bag and then all of a sudden he rises up and is not dead. He was wondering why he was being wheeled out in a plastic bag. It sounds kind of funny but he is getting better. He is using a walker. 

We taught Cynthia this week about the 10 commandments and went over the baptismal questions. She seems like she is prepared and ready for it. Tumelo, our investigator who started coming to church, was our male present. It was good to have him there. He came to church again this Sunday. This week we will invite him to be baptized. Miriam, the Born again Christian we used to teach we are now teaching again. We had an appointment canceled and I decided to stop by and say hi to her. She said she has been super busy lately and has not been feeling well. She feels better now, wants us to teach again, and will go to church next Sunday with a member in the branch. Precious, who we used to teach, is now at a boarding school in the zone leader's are and she wants to be baptized. The school won't let her though unfortunately. This week I ate a cow's heel at a member's house. It was hairy and disgusting.... never again!

- Elder Johnson

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