Monday, February 24, 2014

Letter from Michael 2-24-2014- District Conference

2-24-2014   District Conference
Dear everyone,

It has been a good week. On Tuesday Mission President Omer's assistant, Elder Elliot spent the day teaching with us. It was great to have him there and he taught us a lot. He helped us to tract in ways that make it more productive.  That day we found a father lead family that we can teach. We will see them this coming Thursday. At the end of the day we saw a less active who hasn't come to church in a very long time. His name is Sackey. We brought our branch president with us to the lesson. We talked with about a lot of things and he brought up some problems he has been having. President brought up some great scripture about the atonement and bore testimony which was powerful. We explained to him the importance of coming to church and that we were there to help him. He promised he would come to church and his wife was very happy. He actually did come this Sunday. 
This Sunday we had a District Conference which was very long but very powerful. It was a great opportunity to have Investigators there. Cynthia came and brought her son. President Omer was there and Elder Bricknell from the quorum of the 70 was there. Elder Bricknell  is Afrikaans and he is hilarious! He does the funniest things and is a great speaker. The conference was mainly about hastening the work and missionaries and members working together.
Earlier in the week we were tracting and decided to say a prayer. The next house we found a man named Moses who is very interested. He even wants to come teach with us. He has been an answer to prayers and we have been needing a male to come with us to teach the female investigators. 
We had a Zone meeting in Tzaneen. It was a beautiful drive there again. We drove up through green misty mountains with baboons crossing the road every now and then. Fun Fact: We found out that the new Avengers movie is being filmed right now in Johannesburg South Africa! That was pretty cool! I want to serve my next area in Joburg Central. Well... that is all I have to say... about that.
- Elder Johnson

(When Michael was told that Elder Bricknell is Michael’s dad’s principal’s father, he wrote the following: Yeah, I wish I remembered that when I saw him. He is a great and powerful man. Funny guy.)

Some other notes Michael sent us today: What I found in my personal study: Isaiah 29:11-13/Testimonies/2nephi 27/Ezekiel37:15-17/2 Cor 13:1/ Ether 5:4 (Proof that the Book of Mormon is true and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored to the Earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith.) 2 Nephi 29 talks about why we need the Book of Mormon.

unwelcome guest due to no water to clean dishes 

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