Monday, February 24, 2014

Parts of Michael's hand written letter sent 1-12-2014

Parts of Michael’s hand written letter sent 1-12-2014 (We just got it yesterday, 2-22-2014)

Dear Family,
                This should be my second letter for you guys. Sorry, my letters aren’t very good and I have a hard time finding the time to write. I don’t know where to start. My mission so far has been great. I am glad to be out here serving. Each week Elder Haynes and I learn and grow. We are getting much better with transitioning, understanding each other, and teaching more smoothly.
                Anyway, we are out of water again. I haven’t showered in days but don’t worry, we still have water stored in bottles to drink. Tomorrow is P-Day. Our P-days still haven’t been so great since Elder Mcclalan and I got here. Every Monday we seem to be busy with taking care of business, cleaning, and fixing bikes every time. This Monday, we also have to do cleaning. That will be hard without water. 
                This week has been good despite all of our canceled appointments,. So far, we have 10 new investigators this week. Our whole group of investigators we have are Monica & her teenage son Majolefa, Precious, Haron, Moses, Pheladi, & Koena, Mpho & Dennis, William, Matabo, Mosana, Jonas, Winnie, Praise, Neila, and a priest. This week we had some good lessons with  Prais, Jonas, and Winnie about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. Praise didn’t get though the restoration, but was very interested in the Book of Mormon. Dennis and Mpho got through most of the Restoration. Dennis seemed very interested in the Book of Mormon too and wanted one. Unfortunately at the time we didn’t have one to give. Yesterday, we came back to give him one, but he wasn’t there. They’re new to the area and are looking for a church to go to.
                We also taught a member lesson yesterday. His name is Elton who is a returned missionary currently living and working at a printing shop here. He is great and funny. He made those district ties for us. He also is going to be coming to teach with us on Saturdays.
                Last night we visited with Lionel and his mother, Sister Colleen. We were going to teach the Restoration lesson, but only go to the very beginning. I asked them about the nature of God and it opened up a really good conversation.  They really opened up to us about some things and we could see their testimonies come out. I don’t remember if I told you, but in 2013, Sister Colleen’s husband died.
                Anyway, things are good. Placed some Book of Mormons and Serving with Charity for everyone. You guys are great…   I love the people in the branch and this area. The church is true!
Elder Johnson

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