Monday, February 17, 2014

Letter from Michael 2-17-2014

Letter from Michael 2-17-2014

This week wasn't bad. We have a lot of potential investigators now but they're all women so we can't teach them. It is very hard in this branch to get male or member present lessons which makes it difficult to teach. Hopefully we can find someone to help. Anyway, Cynthia came to church this week! She was going to go the passed couple times but she was either sick or didn't have a ride. She enjoyed it. She still wants to be baptized too. She just has to come 4 more times in a row. On Sunday the Seshego Elder baptized an investigator named, Rachael, at our church font. Cynthia saw and was asking questions. She is accepting the messages we have to share and is increasing her faith.We have gotten further teaching her than any other new investigator that Elder Haynes and I have received. 
Moses is another investigator we have been teaching. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and understanding it. He believes it is true, that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, and that he restored the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Earth. But he doesn't completely understand the priesthood authority. It confused him when we asked him to be baptized because of that. I thought we were very clear but we'll have to sort that out next time. 
Elder Haynes went up to Mokopawne on Friday and Elder Kafusi, a Tongan from Utah, came down here and I lead the area for a day. It was a good day. He was fun and a good teacher. Those were the highlights of the week... at least what first pops into my mind at the moment. I have noticed that investigators never get Joseph Smith's name right. They always refer to him as John Smith, Jacob Smith, or James Smith. It is really funny. Anyway, I am glad we are getting further with more of our investigators. 
- Elder Johnson

( A few words from Michael’s letter to his mother: Haha, I did eat the legs and the head. I did not eat all of it though. It wasn't worth it. It didn't taste good. (Speaking of the picture of him last week with chicken legs and head in his mouth.)

WOW, I never knew I had Spidey Powers!

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