Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter from Michael 2-3-2014- Two Months

Letter from Michael 2-3-2014- Two Months

      It has rained almost every day here. I wonder why they say they have a shortage of water here when they get it just about every day. We still struggle with people being there for their appointments but we always end up having a good lesson with some one. We got quite a few new investigators and one of them is a possible father lead family. We taught the presidents daughter, Cynthia, again. We hope she will make it to church on Sunday.
     Lionel came to church again. If he comes two more times in a row I think it is safe to say he is active now. We are close to committing many of our investigators to baptism which is good. Some things just get in the way sometimes. 
     Today we got to see some African animals, finally. We would drive out and if we saw something we would stop and take pictures. Some times we would leave the car and go out to explore and see the animals further out. It is hard to see things far away because there are so many trees and bushes. It was so fun sneaking up on the animals through bushes to get a good picture. It is funny how afraid of people these animals are even though they are so much bigger. 
      Some things we need to work on but there are still a lot of good things going on with members, less actives, and investigators. People are just too busy but we'll try to be as positive and patient as we can be and good things will happen
- Elder Johnson
PS: The photos below are taken at a local animal reserve out side of town.

Some zebra



This is why there is a shortage of water here even though it rains every other day. The streets are often flooded because of pipes

A giraffe

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