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Letter from Michael 1-27-2014 A Rainy Week

Letter from Michael 1-27-2014      A Rainy Week

This week was alright. I'm a bit tired of just about all of our appointments getting canceled each day for various reasons. Although it has been slow, the lessons we did have were really good. We taught a father lead family last week. We invited them to be baptized and they said they would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it first. Stephen, the father, and his son seemed most interested. Hopefully the will have kept their commitments. 
Another good lesson was with our branch presidents oldest daughter. I was shocked that she had never been to our church and her family never talked about it around her. The lesson went well though. She had read the Restoration pamphlet and asked good questions. She had questions like Joseph Smith had. She was a member of the church her husband goes to but she doesn't believe in it. She asked why there are so many different churches today and wanted to find the same church that Jesus had established. Elton was the member present with us. He is a returned missionary. He helped teach and bore testimony. He was great and a lot of help. Oh, and her name is Cynthia. There were some other good lessons too.
Anyway, Lionel has gone with out smoking since we met him a few times before. On Friday the Patriarch called him to the church and he was given a patriarchal blessing. I think it will be a great strength to him. He really loved it. At church on Sunday he even bore his testimony which was really nice. 
So some miscellaneous things... it has been raining a lot lately. I love it! better than the heat. On Saturday was some pretty cool looking storm clouds. Too bad I did not have my camera. The chicken hear is good but I really miss the meat in America... so good... such quality. So our favorite places to tract are Ivy Park and Penina Park. They are mostly Christian. Then Nirvana is the Indian/Muslim area, and then Westenburg which is the colored area. Westonburg is a lot like what Bro. Jones explained those areas are like. Yes... we have been offered drugs by people there, haha. There are good thing we like about each area though. Philadi and Koena are not colored but the live in Westenburg. Well..."That's all I have to say... about that."
-Elder Johnson

From his letter to his dad:  Thomas is busy & out of town this week. We will see him next week. Have not gotten a hold of William. No Pasteur, but still teaching Lionel and his mom.

Lionel and his Albino Snake
Picture from his flight into Johannesburg Nov. 28, 2013

Wearing a South African tie

The bedroom window

View of outside of flat
New couches

View from the Flat Window

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