Monday, January 20, 2014

1-20-1014 Solid Bike Tubes have Pros and Cons

1-20-2014 Solid Bike tubes have pros and cons

The water came back on last Monday. No more stinky. I got packages this week from Sister Omer when her and President came down for interviews. I have a really funny story about the packages but don't have time to tell it. Elton, who is a member, made us ties for our interviews with President. The ties have his face on it. 
The bikes... we got solid tubes for them. The bad news is that they are heavy and you go really slow. Quite tiring. Good news is they will never go flat. This week has been very slow. A lot of appointments canceled. Not as many investigators but a lot of Less active and taught the work of salvation lesson to active members. Our best lesson was with an investigator referred by Bro. Douglas who is a member we visit. Bro. Douglas's friend's name is Thomas. We talked about the Restoration and Book of Mormon. He seemed interested and excited about reading it. He said he was very impressed how humble we were with him. He liked that we also listened to him instead of just talking at him or only interested in what we had to say. Good guy. Next letter will hopfully be better. Not much time.
- Elder Johnson

(From a short email to Michael's Sister)

... This week we were offered a joint. Of course we ran away, ahaha! Some dogs chased us when we were on our bikes.
- Elder Johnson

Enjoy the funny photos below. He does tell us the funny story about the package.
The packages were at the zone leader's flat a couple days before I was able to open it. I eventually got the original contents of the package but in this picture is what I found when I had opened one of the packages. I was so confused! The zone leaders pulled a prank on me by switching the contents of the package and than later gave me what you really sent. The other Elders in the flat and us had a fun short little prank war in one of the days. We stopped it though before it got too far.
- Elder Johnson

(Don't waste your food... there are starving Elders in Africa)
Tie made by member with Mission President's face.

Michael's companion studying?

Michael next to a large ant hill

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