Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter from Michael 1-13-2014-No Running Water=Stinky Elders

Letter from Michael 1-13-2014-No Running Water=Stinky Elders
T'was a good week despite the lack of water and the lessons that got canceled. We have 10 new investigators this week. Some of them we introduced the Book of Mormon to and seem very interested and excited to read it. We met with a Pasteur of his own church. He was nice and listen but he didn't want to have anything to do with something that wasn't the Bible. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon but he said he wanted to think about it before we give it to him. He said we are welcome to come though about any time. One guy named Praise wanted to go off somewhere in Joburg to preach to people and his family will accommodate us. That isn't happening though of course. He is a very interesting guy with a great story. Too bad you don't get to hear about it.
Anyway, on Thursday or something our water went out. So I have not showered since. The zone leaders said we could come take a bath at their place today which is good. We had been surviving of water stored in water bottles. We will fill them up at someones house I guess. They are all about empty. So we were all quite stinky.
This whole time I have been trying to hold in my corny joking self but this week it finally burst out. I was on the role of my life with corny jokes this week. I came up with a lot of new ones. I am glad my companion and zone leaders appreciate my humor. They said Elder Haynes and I are their favorite people to be around.
Everywhere we go kids swarm around us and want to play or something. They are always asking for pass along cards to trade with each other or something. Every time we have a lesson and there is a little boy they always jump and climb all over me. I don't know why kids love me so much. I guess I am just so fun. Can't help it.
We saw Lionel again on Saturday night. His mother, Sister Colleen, was there too. We were going to talk to them about the restoration but ended up not. I asked them a question about the nature of God and it lead to a big discussion and lesson. They really opened up to us and share some deep stuff and we could really see the power of their testimonies come out. Sister Colleen is still trying to get over the loss of her husband last year. All of us were able to share something that uplifted and edified each other. I love the people we teach and serve here. 

- Elder Johnson

Picture taken in the MTC

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