Monday, January 6, 2014

1-6-2014 - New Year

New Year!

New Year's Eve and New Year was very good. The senior missionaries spoiled us again. We had fun play game and eating Pizza on New Year's Eve. We played Risk and Farkle. New Year's day we had a BBQ at our flat with the other missionaries. Then we went to a park to play football and baseball. A couple Africans were there and I invited them to play ball with us. After we played baseball the Seshego missionaries in our flat got their contact info to come teach them sometime. They don't live in our area so we couldn't teach them.

We have gotten quite a few possible investigators and some new actual investigators too. Our zone has been struggling with father lead families and have been praying to find them. Elder Haynes and I were blessed last week with 4 father leads. We are very grateful for that. Hopefully we can help them progress. One of the fathers is the father of a teenage girl investigator we have been teaching. He seemed interested and very involved. He read the Book of Mormon with us and talked about it. After, I asked if he would commit to read, ponder, and pray about the Book of Mormon and he said he would.

Our bikes keep popping every day we ride them. So we have to walk a lot too. We got a couple sealant tubes that seem to work well but we need to get some more today. Also we found out that my back wheel/rim is the wrong size and might be pinching the tube. That is also why it is so hard to get the back one on. We are going to a shop today to get everything taken care of.

 The best dessert I've had here I think is called "Mavla Pudding." It is not actual pudding. It is more like a soft bred or cake. Missions are great! Every member can be a missionary too so always look and pray for opportunities to share the gospel. 

- Elder Johnson
At the airport in Dallas 11-26-2013

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