Monday, December 30, 2013

12-30-2013- One month into the mission

Dear everyone,
It has been a slow week. Because of the holidays it is hard to find people to teach or set an appointment with. Everyone busy or gone til next year. We had a Great Christmas last week! The senior couples really spoiled us with gifts and good food. It was all nice and fun but unfortunatly I was sick for a few days around Christmas. The mosquitos here are killing me. I am the only Elder now who keeps getting  eaten alive by them at night. It makes it hard to sleep at night when so itchy. Last night I sprayed myself with bug repellant and only got 1 bite. Perhaps I will do that more often.
On Friday while tracting I got attact by a dog for my first time on a mission. Good thing it was only a wee little one this time. It was biting my right leg as I was walking away from someone's house. I also walked around in heavy rain this weekend for the first time on my mission. It was a lot of fun. I was worried about all of our books though. We didn't expect rain so we didn't have an umbrella or rain jacket. We got splashed by a huge wave from a car that drove by. It reminded me of being in the Splash Zone during Shamoo Show at Sea World.
On Sunday 3 kids got baptised. The zone leaders that are in our branch baptised them. For the first time we had investigaters keep their promise and come to church. They were 2 young boy who we taught the Restoration to the day before. We had met then another time as well. I don't remember when that was. Their names are Pheladi age 12 and Koena age 9. They seem pretty excited about the Church. We gave them each a Book of Mormon to read. They stayed after church for the baptismm with us. It helped them to understand more about baptism. They said they wanted to one day. I can see them both being baptised very soon. Everytime we are at church all of the little kids love us for some reason. They like to sit with us during sacrament metting, they climb on us, and try to play with us. One little girl goes around during sacrament and rub each of the Elder strange and soft hair. I guess she is only used to the ropes or the rough and curly black hair.
Oh, some things I keep forgetting to say: The ant hills here are huge! I've seen a couple taller than me. On Christmas at Elder and Sister Harward's we watched and quoted "Mr. Krueger's Christmas"! It was great... reminded me of home. Elder Wadsworth, the other trainer in our flat, loves quoting movies all the time with me. I guess it is good we aren't companions because we would go off quoting movies during lessons and never get anything done. THE CHURCH IS TRUE, goodbye.
- Elder Michael Johnson

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