Monday, December 30, 2013

12-23-2013- 2nd week in Polokwane, South Africa


Hello again,
So it is very hot here on some days. Every week I see cool birds I have never seen before. There are some HUGE ant hills here. I should take a picture of one. Some are taller than me. Elder Haynes and I have been either walking or biking. Biking is fun and nice but can be a pain. I kept having to ride around with a flat back tire and it would go flat 60seconds after pumping it. Then one day Elder Wadsworth in my flat told us he used to fix bikes for a living. Why didn't he tell us when the tire first went flay? So he fixed it for us. It even took him a long time to get it off because it was so insanely tight on there. Then yesterday my from went flat and the tube and tire fell off. So I had to walk home while holding it up on the back wheel.
We had 4 new invetigators. One is Born Again Christian woman. You can imagine how that went and that is how it was. "The Bible says this and the Bible says that." She seemed to accept the things we shared with her. Another investigator we got is an old man.I don't think he could remember anything but I hope he felt something. He kept asking us the same questions over and over again.
A couple of the days we went out to visit and teach people with the the senior couple Bro. and Sis. Winward. They are very friendly people and it was very helpful to have them with us. We went to Lionel's house again with them. His mother who is a widow was there. We were able to help her have hope and comfort and got her to come to church this Sunday. We also gave her a blessing.
Sunday I spoke in sacrament about facing adversity in life. I thought it went well. One of the teenage sisters thanked me and said their prayers were answered. In the second hour I taught a class about the importance of obedience. That is all I will talk about because of time. There is so much more that I would like to share though. We have a lot of potential investigators but most people are gone or busy during the Holidays.
- Elder Michael Johnson

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