Monday, December 30, 2013

11-28-2013 (Michael arrives in Johannesburg, South Africa

11-28-2013   (Michael arrives in Johannesburg, South Africa

Hello!   This computer is having problems which is frustrating. Anyway it has been exciting. I'm in the MTC right now. We had lunch it was good. Oh at the airport in London last night we met a TON of more Elders who came to the MTC with us. Some of them were from somewhere in England Most of them going to the Johannesburg mission. Here at the airport we met up some more Elder from other places in Africa. I think one is already from Johannesburg but going to Kenya. The other from South Africa is here for the Johannesburg mission. Sorry to say I think my samll scripture got lost on the plane. It is a good thing I packed the bigger ones. Anyway, I've notice quickly that it is too hot here for long sleeves especially with our suits. I will email the pictures next time. I hope that is ok. I read on the door of my room who my companion is. I haven't met him yet though. He is from Zimbabwa I think. There really isn't much to say. At the London airport I ate fish finger burger which wasn't bad. I actually got some hours of sleep on the plane to South Africa. This plane felt more comfortable than the others. It is weird calling everybody Elder. My next email will be better and have pictures. - Elder Johnson

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