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Excepts from Michael's hand written letter sent December 23, 2013

Excerpts from Michael’s hand written letter sent December 23, 2013
Dear Family,
                This has been quite the experience. I ‘m getting a bit more used to the missionary life. So, way back in the MTC last weekend, we had people come to the MTC for us to teach. We were so nervous waiting for them to come. Eventually they did come. When we got started neither of us were worried any more. We were happy, smiled, and had the spirit with us. The first person was Sister Makune’s 17 year old sister who wasn’t going to church or reading her scriptures. We talked to her and bore testimony about the importance of going to church, partaking of the sacrament, and to read & ponder pray about the scriptures. We transitioned well and switch off speaking smoothly. Our prayer was answered because a few times in the past we had problems with that. But we are learning.
                Next, was an older later who was the primary teacher of the 1st girl from years ago. We taught her about the Book of Mormon. She was surprised at how well we explained it and that we didn’t even seem a bit nervous or even flustered. After that we wrote down reviews and ours was very positive.
                My roommates Elder Milne & Elder Stomps, who were companions, then there was Elder Cummings & Elder Prisbrey where were the leaders. Elder Milme was from Johannesburg.  He was a funny guy. Elder Stromps is from Netherlands. He speaks a few different languages quite well. He is a nice guy.  Elder Cummings is from Burmingham, England. He is the great big 6’ 5” guy in the back row of the MTC photo. Then Elder Prisbrey is from Las Vegas and I met him in the terminal in Salt Lake. You never saw him.  He is pretty well rounded in sports and is a good leader.
                Days have passed since I started writing this letter. It is hard to keep up since I don’t get much time in a day to write. We are slowly but surely getting more investigators. We have talked to many people on the street briefly about the church and handing out pamphlets and Book of Mormons.
                Never complain about the heat during church. I have never been so hot at church before. We were al dieing.  F or Sacrament we had to wear our jackets too! The second Sunday was better though. The power was back on and there was A/C in the chapel. In the classes there is a fan in each. The classes aren’t held in the same building they are in tiny little portable rooms outside.
                I just bought a Springbok hat for Elder Haynes. It is the 23rd today. I love you all Mom, dad, and Jessica! You are the best!
Elder Johnson


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