Monday, February 10, 2014

Letter from Michael 2-202-2014- Baptismal Date

Letter from Michael 2-10-2014- Baptismal Date
Last week I forgot to mention something. A while ago we had a member lesson with Sister Julia. We taught her the work of salvation and have been following up. After we taught her she had talk to an inactive member about coming back to church. Ever since they talked it seems as though the inactive member, Leah, has been coming regularly to church ever since.
Cynthia, the President's daughter made a commitment to baptismal date. I was happy about that. She was going to church this Sunday but got the flu the day before. Her son, who is 10 years old, came though. He said he would like to be there for the lessons when we teach his mom. Also we have had some others commit to a baptismal date. Also a couple father lead lessons. One of them was with William and his family. One of the less active we have started visiting is Muphure. Last time we met with her and I decided to share a certain scripture in the Bible about forgiveness and not judging others. She thanked us and said it was exactly what she needed to hear that day. Cool cool. 
By the way I have a cool story to tell about how Missionaries are watched over and protected. I decided just to send it today in a hand written letter though. We are progressing with the investigators we have and have seen a couple of the ones we have not seen in a while. We had a lesson on Saturday finally with Pheladi, Koena, and their family. The mom is less active, there was another relative who is a member, and then the grandma who doesn't speak much English. It was a good lesson about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. We also had another lesson with Pheladi. That is about all. Good week.
- Elder Johnson  

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