Monday, August 31, 2015

Letter from Michael 9-1-2015- Broken Collar-Bone

For P-day last week we played rugby! T'was fun! Not long after we began Elder Hughes dove over someone scoring. His shoulder went straight into the ground and he heard a crackling sound. One of our zone leaders, Elder Larson, came with us to the hospital. We got the x-rays and the break in Elder Hughes's collar-bone is prety bad. It is broken in two places with a bone floating in the middle. There is a huge bulge in his shoulder now. I wish I had the x-rays. One of the surgeons tried to send me he x-rays through email but it never made it through. 

Today we are going in for more x-rays and they will see if he needs surgery or no. I'm no Doctor but I would say he definitely needs a surgery. It is messed up! I seems as though all of my English companions are getting hurt. The members jokingly say they think I have a curse. 

Anyway, Renato, Immaculate, Vusi, Thendi, Dell, and Dell's mother came to church. Immaculate is having a another interview for baptism this Thursday. She is doing well. We had another less active member come to church. We have been able to set up some appointments with some members I don't know yet. We plan on dropping some non-progressing investigators and we will fine new ones.

Quote: "The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheaply we esteem too lightly." - Thomas Paine

Part of his letter to his mom:
No. I did not do anything concerning EMT. There wasn't anything to do. We have a car now full time!
We started teaching Basil's girlfriend. Basil is a less active member. She is a nice lady and has been through a lot. We began teaching about the nature of our Heavenly Father and lightly touched on the Restoration. We started teaching Dell's mother about the Restoration and she enjoyed it. She left her church because she didn't think the pastor had the priesthood or was worthy of it. She enjoyed church the past couple of Sundays. She is going back to Zimbabwe this week. She is trying to find the LDS church up there where she lives. I think she will eventually be baptized too. Renato Lopes is beginning to understand how he feels about the church and is now recognizing now when he feels the Holy Spirit testify of truth to him.

(When asked how Elder Hughes is doing):  Yeah, it hurts especially when he moves it it is excruciating. He doesn't complain much though. Actually he doesn't complain. The skin is turning yellow around the injury. So the bruising has finally come through. I used to put the ties on him everyday but now he has a sling. I also have to help him with his shirts and I wash the dishes for him.

There was a dinner at the mission home for a missionary couple leaving and a new one arriving when...Right in the middle of the gathering we were treated by a visit of 4 Elders due to an injury sustained by Elder Hughes, (below). While playing Rugby on P-day, he broke his collar bone and ended up at the Flora Clinic for X-rays. We invited them over to have a quick dinner with us, while we consulted with the area doctor about possible purgers! never a dull moment in the mission home!- Sister Dunn 8-24-2015

Elder Allred giving Elder Hughes some advice about dealing with a broken collarbone. Notice the ties tying back his clavicle until he gets a brace.
*Note: he is going in for surgery in the morning- Sister Dunn 8-24-2015

Michael and the Bedfordview Zone- Michael in the back row 8-25-2015
Michael eating with his zone at zone conference 8-25-2015

2nd photo eating with zone

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