Monday, August 10, 2015

Letter from Michael 8-10-2015- Fun P-Day and new Companion

On Monday we went to Germiston with the Elders there. There is a BMX bike racing course that we had fun riding on. I have quite a few pictures. Elder Rouse came down one of the jumps with his wheel turned. He crashed and bloodied up his arm, leg, and face! I also have some pictures of him after the crash. His upper lip was cut in such a way that it looked like a Hitler mustache. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Today we went to a theme park called Gold Reef City. It was fun and the first time I have been on a ride in about 2 years.
Tuesday was the transfer and I have a new Englishman companion. His name is Elder Hughes and he is from Derby, England. He is a good guy. I knew him when I served in Wibank. We were in the same district and went on exchanges a few times together. We get along well so far. We were both sick last week on bikes. We had many bike problems and we dropped some investigators who seemed like they have been taught for a long time but never progressed. We did much finding last week. We started teach a couple new people who we found last week. One of them is Pearlene and her nephew, Devon.
This Sunday we had stake conference which was in Bedfordview. It is the biggest and nicest chapel in the mission. We had one investigator come to that. His name is Shane. He is the Boyfriend of one of the members in South Hills. He is interested in learning more about the church. His girlfriend Kim is a recently activate member who is preparing to go to the temple.
On Saturday night while riding home I saw a man laying in the gutter. I wondered if he was dead. I turned around to see if I could help. It looked like he had fallen because his hat and glasses were scattered. We soon realized that he was drunk. We helped him back up and pick up his possessions for him. A middle-aged couple drove up to us in a van and asked if we were okay. We arranged a ride home for the man with the couple in the car. Even though he was drunk and it was probably his fault that he was where he was it is not our place to judge. We should not refuse help for others just because their sins are different from ours.

Part of his letter to his mom:

We have 3 new Elders in the district. The district meetings are held on Fridays at the Germiston Chapel. I go on exchanges with everyone in the district once a transfer. Yes, I started writing in my journal. I found an interesting way of doing it. In our flat there is a book of scriptures that missionaries in Alberton have recorded. They even use the proper scriptural language. It is quite hilarious! So this morning I started to write in my journal in that way. It is more entertaining and I am more motivated to write now. 

Below are photos of Michael at last week's transfers:

Elders getting in place for the mission photo

Elders trying to get in place for a mission photo

Michael in the middle of the group

The Transfer board with Michael on the left side

Michael behind Elder on the Left

Michael on front row

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