Monday, August 17, 2015

Letter from Michael 8-17-2015

This week started out rough with many cancellations but the 2nd half of the week went quite well. We started teaching Dell and his wife, Thendi. I am not quite sure how to spell her name. They both came to church as well as Kudzi and Shane who is Kim's boyfriend. The first lesson with Shane went pretty well. He asked many questions. His brother told him about a ton of anti-Mormon literature on the internet. I am happy he didn't want to believe that stuff and he came to us for clarification instead of just avoiding us. He already told us that he wants to be baptized and he would like me to baptize him. This was his 2nd time at church. On Sunday I spoke in sacrament meeting about missionary work.

The Meet the Mormons event is still going to happen this Saturday. It is going to be combined with a young women fundraiser which involves food. On Saturday we had a service project at a cat and dog pound. It was a "Helping Hands" service project. We painted the walls at the pound and there were many members there to help. Elder Hughes and I repainted the surgery room. There was tons of stuff that we had to move around out of the way. The service went well and was much appreciated. We got to know a couple of the members better now. 

I learned that Elder Hughes is from Derby, England. He is the only one in his family who is a member and he was converted 4 years ago when he was 20. Also he was a chef before mission at a fine dining restaurant. A couple members discovered this and want us to come more often and will supply the ingredients for Elder Hughes to do his masterful work. 
- Elder Johnson
QUOTE: "Work smarter. Believe more. Listen for the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Trust your own judgment." - Gordon B. Hinckley  

Part of his letter from his mom:

We were only sick for a few days but we still worked every day. Yes, we were on bikes. We are still teaching Immaculate. She is on date for baptism on September 13th. Glad you got the letter. I got your Yellow Stone postcard. Thanks! 

Part of his letter for his dad:

Yep! We had the car. It was nice to have someone else drive half of the time. Elder Hughes has a license. Next week we have a zone conference on Tuesday. Happy birthday to Debora! Thanks for everything. Stay well! No more falling over each other at family gatherings! Haha (His dad tripped over his mom and the birthday party.)

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