Monday, August 3, 2015

Letter from Michael 8-3-2015-Wedding and Transfers

Verily verily I say unto thee behold, the hour is come of the great and glorious transfer. Elder Rouse is leaving and I was correct in every detail when we did the transfer predictions at district meeting. Before every transfer in every district we make predictions as a tradition to see who can guess what happens in the district. Anyway it will be good to lead the area.
On Saturday I attended the first wedding I have ever been to. It was the wedding of our investigator, Dell. He had Brother O'friel, who is the member we live with, marry Dell and his wife. It was nice to be there to support them. Nicky and Immaculate also came for fellowship to Dell and his new wife. It wasn't long and we obviously did not have time to waste at the reception. 
The investigators who attended church were Immaculate, Blessing, Janie, Mphatso, Vusi, and another person whose name escapes me. We discovered that Janie and Mphatso live in another area so we can no longer visit them. They got lost on the way to church but eventually made it. They were surprised how far it was. One of the members gave them a ride to a taxi rank and Blessing gave them money to take a taxi home. The taxi took them to the wrong place. It took them to somewhere in Soweto. Shame.
I heard some great news from Witbank! Pat who Elder Oldroyd and I were teaching got baptized this Sunday! Also, Sharon who is a cousin of the Dzeka family is being baptized in 1 or 2 weeks. I was so excited to hear such good news! Elder Oldroyd is doing well. He is about to get a new companion this new transfer. 
- Elder Johnson

Part of his letter to his mom:
No, they kind of already had a traditional marriage. This was just a civil marriage recognized by the law which was held in our chapel.
Yes, there is a scouting program here. My flat in Witbank is between the scout house and the chapel. Branch President Nish is one of the scout masters there.
(When asked what he would be doing after this transfer, he replied: Regular companion but still district leader.)

Part of his letter to his dad:

 District meetings have been going well. By the way, a family in Bedfordview moved into our ward. Also a
lady from England moved here and is now in our ward.
Happy Birthday to Simon!
It sounds like your success in fishing has improved since I have gone.

Our ride to South Hills that we do 3 times a week!

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