Monday, September 7, 2015

Letter from Michael 9-7-2015  - Beginning September

This was an interesting week. On Monday we spent all day in the hospital to get Elder Hughes 2nd set of x-rays. Lo and behold there was no difference in the new x-rays. It was no shocker to us but they ended up deciding to do the surgery on Elder Hughes's collarbone. On Tuesday night we went back up to the mission home to stay overnight. Elder Hughes left at 5:30am to go down the street to the hospital. I ended up staying the day with the Florida Elders. I was with Elder Smalley who is training Elder Ete from Samoa. It was fun serving with them and I was surprised that I even spent the night at the Florida flat. Elder Hughes didn't come out of the hospital until Thursday. Poor guy... he was in so much pain. He can't shower until Friday when he gets the stitches out. At the Florida Elders' flat we made chocolate muffins and then at the end of the day we took it to the Gallant family. They are actually members in our area. We go to the Gallant's every Wednesday night for a dinner appointment.
Immaculate had another interview on Thursday night. Fortunately she passed and is able to be baptized this coming Sunday. She changed her mind and wants me to baptize her instead of her husband, Nicki. He will baptize their kids later on. Shane and Renato came to church. We Had another less active come to church. Her name is Kirsten. She hasn't been to church in the longest time! I never have seen her there until yesterday. We had a great lesson with her and encouraged her to talk with the bishop on Sunday. Thankfully it help and she started meeting with bishop on Sunday to get her life in order. One less active, Giselle, came back to church a few weeks ago. She has not missed a week since then. 

"Coming together is the beginning;
keeping together is progress.
Working together is success."

Part of his letter to his mom:

Transfers are next week Tuesday. I am so excited for BYU football! My visa and one other Elder's visas got extended to December. I think today we will sit in the flat. Elder Hughes can't do anything.

13 weeks left. Doesn't sound like much, eh?

Part of his letter to his dad:

(After opening his dad’s email and finding nothing but an attached photo, he wrote: Must have been some play. Tell me the details... just like Mom always asking for details about my mission.")  When his dad finally sent the correct email he wrote: So far I saw the BYU pics. Looks cool.
Sounds like an awesome game and ending especially. Poor Taysom Hill can't ever catch a break. He gets injured the beginning of every season. Shame. It sounds like the back up quarterback is doing well though

(When he saw a photo of his mom opening presents, he wrote: Is Mom opening present or is it the kids... I can't tell. 

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