Monday, September 28, 2015

Letter from Michael 9-28-2015
This week we started to teach Nicki's cousin, Aisha. Shane, Renato, Dell, and Thendi all came to church this Sunday. Renato, Dell, and Thendi are progressing towards baptism. Hopefully Dell and Thendi will get baptized on the 11th. Renato's baptism might be in December sometime. There was a primary program at church yesterday. It was a bit entertaining as usual. 

On Thursday I went to Germiston for an exchange. The Elders in that poor area Haven't had a baptism in over a year. Elder Morrill and Elder Vataiki should be having a couple baptisms next month though. Also, Thursday was national Heritage Day. So we went to the ward party for a bit in Germiston. I enjoyed the exchange we were able to teach a new investigator and found some new people for them to teach.
- Elder Johnson 

Part of his letter to his mom:

We meet with President Dunn on the 6th for interviews. It is strange to think that might talk is already scheduled. Is there a topic? Immaculate was basically taught everything before baptism; even the new member lessons. But we have done lots of review. 

We will be watching Conference late. We won't watch it until we get it on DVD.
When asked about the construction on a relatively new chapel, Michael wrote the following: It is new but the ward is growing fast. The chapel has gotten so much more full since I first came here. Sometimes there is not enough room for everyone in the chapel.
I have a small USB that I transfer pics over to. If there is a virus then I just format the small usb.

Part of letter to his dad:

I am glad bishop Sharp enjoys my emails! I know I'm not much of a writer and just give the bare minimum of how the week went. That is quite a shame about BYU.  

Nicky and Immaculate

Immaculate's baptism

Elder Huges'  broken collarbone 

construction on the chapel due to increased church attendence

Elder Rouse's bike accident

Selena in Whitbank, she is now a primary teacher

Whitbank Branch Pesident Nish and his family

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