Monday, June 1, 2015

Letter from Michael 6-1-2015 – 18 Months

Ester is in Zimbabwe right now settling family issues. She will hopefully be back in a week or two. We had four investigators at church on Sunday. There was Wandile, Rene, Sharon, and Pat. Rene we have not seen in a long long time. Her  husband Roulof is a less active member. They decided to come to church this week. I had seen Roulof at church but never Rene. They introduced us to their friends down the street which is a bit of an older couple. They are very nice. The wife's name is Pat. She is a hoot holler (funny). Pat was taught by the missionaries years ago and then stopped when the Elders were transferred. She and Rene want us to start teaching them again. They fed us twice last week. They seem to like us much. Pat has been through a lot in her life. She tried explaining but couldn't finish because she cried too much. She lost her old copy of the Book of Mormon and asked her to read Alma 7:10-13.
Sharon is a new investigator from the Dzeka family. The Dzekas are from Zimbabwe and they are actually the family of Plaxedous. Sharon as I said came to church and is also from Zimbabwe. She told us she enjoyed church and wants to become a member. We will see what happens. Elder Oldroyd taught the Gospel Principles class about Talents and I spoke in sacrament meeting about missionary work. What a great topic for me! It went well. Pat and Rene said they thoroughly enjoyed it.
We found a father lead family last week. We were looking for a former investigator named Sonny Boy. He moved but his sister Veronica was there. We taught her family twice last week. She read everything we gave her and seems genuinely interested in what we teach. Next week we would like to put her on date. In fact there are a few that we need to put on date. The college class did not happen this week. The student enjoy us but the teachers say we are taking away from their study time. I have been there when we didn't teach though but it did not sound like they were studying anyway. It sounded like recess. Anyway, we will try again next week. 
- Elder Johnson

Part of his letter to his mom:
Yes, fhe went well. There were some more people there. There is a less active named Prinsloo. I have never seen him at church or any of the activities since I have been here. He came though with his grandparents to fhe last week. He is 21 years old. He should serve a mission soon. 
It feels strange to have not much left. It might be a bit scary going back into the real world and schooling and everything. I want my last 6 months of mission to be the best part.
Why did the Lamanites complain about their legs hurting? ...because of all the Knee-phites.

Did you know that Joseph from the Bible was a tennis player?... Ya, it talks about how he SERVED in Pharaoh's COURT!

Did you know that Lehi had a pet? ....God said to Lehi, "Take up thine family and flea."

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