Monday, June 8, 2015

Letter from Michael 6-8-2015
This week has been significantly colder. We are now using the heater and wearing layers. By the time winter is over here I will be home in Utah for REAL winter. I think I will die then. President Dunn is coming on Friday night to talk about his bear attack story. We will try to invite as many members and investigators as possible.  Speaking of we started teaching 7 new investigators. 

A couple transfers back Elder Novotny and I talked to a guy on the street while he was jogging. His name is Chipiwa. He seemed like there would be potential but we had lost his contact information. Just last night we found him again at Sister Phiri's house. It turns out he is Sister Phiri's nephew. Chipiwa was very happy to see us again. He remember my name and everything. We are going to teach his family on Tuesday and we invited him to FHE. 

On Tuesday we went to teach Pat with Roulof who is a friend and a member of the church. Just as we started the lesson she told us that she had done some talking with Roulof and most of her questions have been answered. So she told us that she wanted to be baptized into the church. We were so surprised by what she said that we didn't know what to do other than give her a high five. Based on experiences she has had in other church it seemed she would be so willing to try again with another church. She said she would go to FHE and church but unfortunately she had to go to the hospital on Friday and should be leaving today. We visited her last night which she really enjoyed. She is doing much better. As we left her room some guy who works at the hospital started talking to us. We are going to start teaching him this week. His name is Arthur. We put Wandile on date for baptism.

We received a great referral from Brother Parson. It is a family of three. Jazzman, Mercy, and their little girl. Brother Parson works with Jazzman and he gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon to read. He actually read all the way up to Chapter 8 and remembered what he read. We will see them again tonight with Brother Parson. 

By the way, the water spirals clockwise down the drain.

Part of his letter to his mom:
Zone conference was on Tuesday. It was good as always. My favorite part was about integrity. ...about being a missionary with integrity. We thought Ester was in Zimbabwe but it turns out she is still here. We saw her last night with Sister Phiri and Chipiwa. Not much other news for her. Yeah, we taught the family. I was gone on exchanges that day though. 
Our fast and testimony was pretty great too. Even though there was hardly anyone there almost everyone went up and no pauses in between. Quinton came to church yesterday and surprisingly he bore his testimony too. I told him he should but he said no. the a few minutes later he did it. 

Part of his letter to his dad:
No, investigators came to church. I guess it was too cold for people. The church was very empty. We did not even have a gospel principles class. We can't get a hold of Paul anymore.

A newspaper clipping Michael sent today.

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