Monday, June 15, 2015

Letter from Michael 6-15-2015  (Bears and Prayers)

On Friday night President Dunn came for family home evening and shared his "Bears and Prayers" story. It was a great turn out and many people came. He even showed an episode of a show called "Got Home Alive." It was about the bear attack he went through. It was cool to watch. Jazzman and Mercy came and Sharon, a new investigator, came. Sharon is a referral from the Dzeka family from Zimbabwe. She is Sister Dzeka's cousin. She has been to church a few times before and she has committed to baptism. The  traffic was horrendous because of all of the car accidents. We had a temple trip last week. we missed the session by 7 minutes though.
On Sunday we found two inactive members who we never knew of before. There is Godfrey from Zimbabwe. His family is in Zim but he has been here for a year for work. Thabo is the other guy. Hopefully we will be able to meet with them this week. 

JOKE: Did you know that Satan used to be a woman?.......

ANSWER: .....The Bible says that, "Satan was abroad in the land."

Part of his letter to his mom:
Tell Dave and Debora that I really appreciate all of the prayers!  (he wrote late today because: The myldsmail page was not working all day until now.)

Part of his letter to his dad:
We did not teach the man we met at the hospital. The address doesn't make sense and the number does not exist.

(Michael was interviewed by the Pablic Affairs Missionaries  in South Africa. You can read about it at the Mission President’s blog at :

You can see the video when it is posted at:

Below is a letter sent to us today by a member in South Africa: 

Hi. This is Jackie Pienaar from Johannesburg South Africa. We spent the weekend in Witbank where my parents live. On Saturday we had the 6 missionaries from the area over for lunch as it was one of their birthdays. Elder Johnson and Elder Oldroyd visit my parents every week and help them.  They rake leaves and help my dad move the things he builds. He can't do it by himself anymore. My mom loves their enthusiasm. She bakes cookies for them. They played some miniature table tennis and some ball outside. It was great for my 13 year old son to spend time with them too. We have 2 older sons serving missions so he misses them. One son is in the Scotland Ireland mission and the other in Salt Lake City West mission. 
You can be proud of your son. Here are some pictures.

Pretoria Zone at the temple June 2015

Michael and Elder Van Heerdan
Michael and his district

Michael and his district playing ping pong

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