Monday, May 25, 2015

Letter from Michael 5-25-2015 – Two weeks with Oldroyd

We have some new investigators now. We had many canceled appointments. Esther and Wandile came to church again. Wandile came to FHE on Friday as well. Fortunately we could teach at the college again. Finally! We taught a different class of students than we did before. They were much more fun to teach and we could get some participation out of them. After the class we passed out a ton of Restoration pamphlets and a whole box of copies of the Book of Mormon. They were pretty excited about that. We also had them write down their numbers and addresses so that we can come teach them at home. Anyway, that was about it for this week. We now get free milk from the McDonald family. We are going bowling today for practice for when we compete with our branch president.
- Elder Michael Johnson
I don't have a quote for this week but I have a joke. (WHY DID THE LAMINATES COMPLAIN ABOUT THEIR LEGS HURTING? ...........BECAUSE OF ALL THE KNEE-PHITES! )

Part of his letter to his mom:
Esther is not getting baptized. Yet. Yes, she is not ready for baptism. That is what I meant.I think we met with Paul at the beginning of the week. We found Nicole who was working at a store called Game. Game is owned by Walmart. Yes, we saw the branch mission leader yesterday. He has not been called yet. He has not been at church because of work.
I think my most memorable lesson last week was teaching Paul's family about the Book of Mormon only using a blank sheet of paper. Elder Oldroyd taught me it it was very cool. You tell the story while folding and tearing the paper and reading scriptures. It was the most clever lesson I have seen. He got it online. Anyway, they really enjoyed it. Plus in the college class I felt that lesson was pretty cool. The students were understanding and felt genuinely interested.

Part of his letter to his dad:

Yes, the Payson Temple sounds beautiful. I want to go there soon after I come home. I hope and pray that your knee gets better. I hope you appreciate my "kne-phite" joke for you! If someone asks you if what happened to your knee you can say it was from all the knee-phites you were reading about the night before!

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