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Letter from Michael 8-26-2013- Nine months in the Mission

Letter from Michael 8-26-2013- Nine months in the Mission

                        Putsoletso and Welhaminah were confirmed members of the church on Sunday. They are very happy and being fellowshiped very well. The releif society in this ward is great at being friends to new people. I am very greatful for them. Bullelani is still doing well. Joyce and her daughter Imbuso came to church on Sunday. They said they enjoyed it. Sister Beatris is the member in Joburg who referred us to Joyce and her family. Sister Beatris came this Sunday to sit with Joyce and Imbuso through all of the meetings. It was good to have her there. 

            The weather last week was a bit colder and often overcast. It wasn't a week as good as usual for us though. It was a tough week even for the whole district. On Friday we went to the temple. It was really nice going there again. We have been anxious for the spiritual boost. We are struggling but trying to get more of the men in the ward to come teaching with us to fellowship the investigators. Part of the reason is becuse they and we want the members to baptise the new converts. But the missionaries are always chosen to baptise because our investigators only know us. Anyway, I am glad to be out here. The work is bringing forth many blessings.
- Elder Johnson

Part of letter to his dad: Hey! Yes, we taught Amos about Spiritual Whirlwinds from Elder Nelson's general conferance talk. Going to the gym feels great. I am very greatful for that priveledge we have been given. 

Part of letter to his Mom: We didn't get a chance to meet many more referrals yet. I have learned some cool stuff about temples and eternals marriage. I have been enjoying studying out of the D&C manual. The internet was down yesterday but we couldn't. We had time but there was no way we could do it.

Baptism of Putsoleto and Welheminah 

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