Monday, August 11, 2014

Letter from Michael 8-11-2014 Bullelani got baptized

8-11-2014   Bullelani got baptized

So, Bullelani got baptized yesterday. He is quite powerful. He actually was found through tracting which doesn't usually happen. President and Sister Dunn were actually at the church yesterday. They came for an interview with Rams, who is one of our investigators. Apparently it helped him a lot. He might get baptized pretty soon. He just has a lot of depressing stuff going on with family. He has a testimony though. So President and Sister Dunn spoke in sacrament meeting. I loved president's talk. He talk about how the members need to be engaged in missionary work and be as a team. It inspired the members and hopefully we will see some improving result from it.

Saturday we did some service. We helped fix Sister Indlovu's  roof. She is not actually a member yet but her husband and children are. She was very nice to us and kept sending treats out to us. Later we found a guy named Kennedy. We offered to help him carry two barrels of water to his house and started a conversation with him. We will be seeing him again tonight. There is a mother and daughter who we are teaching. They got interviewed for baptism last week. The daughter past but the mother needs to go over the commandments again. Plus the mother did not come to church on Sunday but at least the daughter did.

Today we tried to get a gym membership here but it is not working. They don't take credit cards and we can join unless we have a job. There are so many obstacles in the way it is like they don't even want us there. So that was a pretty big bummer today. We were excited to be allowed to go to gyms now and still can't. Other than that it was another good week. I'm getting to know the members a lot better.

- Elder Johnson

Letter to his Mom: The baptism went well. No friends or family of his came. Ye, it was very spiritual. President Dunn was very impressed how it went and said it was the best Sunday he has had in South Africa yet.  We will know tomorrow about referrals from the members. Cindille waqs sick last time we taught her. She is better now though. Paintball was fun. It was at CryWolf. We still are not able to get a gym membership. Yes, we definitely felt the earthquake in the middle of a lesson with Bullelani. 
Letter to his dad: It ( paint ball) was a blast. It was a zone activity and the zone is pretty big. We have an 8 man district.

We are getting a manual car today, by the way.

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