Monday, August 18, 2014

Letter from Michael 8-18-2014- 2 baptisms and 1 confirmation

Letter from Michael 8-18-2014- 2 baptisms and 1 confirmation
Bullelani was confirmed a member of the church on Sunday. The mother and daughter we have been teaching got baptised this Sunday as well. Elder Harris baptised the mother whose name is Welheminah. I baptised the daughter whose name is Putsoletso. They were very happy and excited. They were nervous about the cold water but the baptismal service went well.

We have a recent convert named Tshiamo who is 21 I think. He got a job this week which was good but he also got a very bad tooth ache. Pain killers didn't help much so we taught him a bit about faith and priesthood blessings for the sick and afflicted. He would like to have one. So we did and immediately the pain went away. We told him he should still go to the dentist though.

A while ago I wrote about our family home evenings with the members and how we planned to fast together to find less actives or people to teach. It was a huge success. We received 15 referrals from those members and they say more are on their way. We just need to meet with them. Out of those 15 we received so far we contacted 14. It has been great! We met a great family on Thursday I believe. The father wasn't there but the mother and 2 kids we. The mother's name is Joyce, the son's is Xolani, and the daughter's is Imbuso. Joyce asked many great questions and said she was very interested in the church. She asked us about all sorts of things and asked what she can do to be baptised into the church. Anyway, it was a fun family to teach. Imbuso is 17 and Xolani is 21. Xolani was pretty quiet but at least he was paying close attention. Those were the highlights for this week.
- Elder Johnson

Part of  letter to his mom:
Yes, president interviewed me. It went well. I like him a lot. We just talked about family and getting to know each other. Then talked about Rabie Ridge, my mission as a whole so far. Amos and Rams might be baptised soon. Amos has been investigating the church for 5 years. He is super powerful and knows tons. His wife is the only thing holding him back. I'm glad you got the letter and so quickly, wow! Just pray for our investigators and recent converts.

Part of letter to his dad:
We haven't seen Kennedy again yet. I was reading section 2 I think in D&C. The one that talks about Elijah coming to the Kirtland temple if I remember correctly. I thought it was pretty cool. The Paschal Feast is the Jewish tradition and on the third day they have "the third cup" which is the 3rd day of April. So on April 3rd 1836 the Jews opened their doors to see if Elijah came and were disappointed even though he actually did come. But he came to the temple before Joseph Smith to restore sealing ordinances, I think it was. Cool cool, huh!? All prophesy is eventually fulfilled.

The gym here is trying to find out a  way to fix the system to where we can get memberships here. So in the mean time they are allowing us to exercise here for free. Plus there is free internet but no plug to be able to send pictures. So we are using this one for now and then next month when we have money to afford the email shop we will be able to send pictures.

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