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Letter from Michael 8-2-2014- Week 2 in Robie Ridge

8-4-2014   Letter from Michael-Week 2 in Robie Ridge

This week went by much quicker than the last. This week as far as teaching goes this week was the busiest I have ever had. We taught 25. Bulelani passed his interview and will be baptised next week. He has a girlfriend who we are going to start teaching next hopefully. Rams is another investigator. He is an older guy. He loves the church and wants to be baptised one day. 

On Tuesday last week we had a "family home evening" with the members. It went well and we talked to them about missionary work. We agreed to fast together to find people who could be taught. We are teaching a new family. The mother's name is Cindile. She has a few children who she pays for to get transport to church. Hopefully one day she can get transport for herself. Every time we teach that family we are introduced to and teach new people. We are going to teach them next about the plan of salvation. Another lady we are teaching is Sister Ndlovu. Her whole family has converted except her. It is a bit difficult teaching her because we have to have a someone with us who can translate. She only speaks Zulu.

We have a lot of people close to baptism. Zuele is one of them. He is 19 and we started teaching his brother, Gift. He is interested in the Book of Mormon and said he would come to church. It is nice when you even get referrals from investigators. Another guy we are teaching is David. He loves the church. He is always listening to hymns and watching general conference DVD's. He is pretty powerful. I'm not sure when he will be baptised. He has some marriage and lebola stuff to figure out first. He loves Elders and even gave us a couple ties.  
We have a lot of people who like to come help and teach with us. Tshiamo (RC), Comfort, and Tumi.On Friday we went on exchanges with the ZL's so that Bulelani could be interviewed. It was nice. I went to Centurion which is in town full of Afrikaners. Tracting was rough as you could imagine but teaching the members that night was great. The last family was pretty crazy and fun. It reminded me of home. Hopefully I see them again next time I go on exchanges there. In a nutshell that was my week.

- Elder Johnson

Part of letter from his mom:
 Our new mission president allows us to play paintball! So guess what we are doing today... he wanted to come with us but something came up. Also we are allowed gym memberships. I am glad I will be able to stay in shape now. Awesome!  Yes, I did not like the Protea Glen post office.  :( We don't have to tract a lot. We share a car with Robie Ridge 2 elders. We live in Midrand. I like the ward.

Part of letter from his dad:

Great to hear you are not Diabetic! That was some bad virus. GOod pictures. Remember when we went paintballing with Flynn and his grandpa?... Well I finally get to do that again today. The mission president even almost came to play with us.

What is lebola? An African silly tradition that the devil came up with  where you have to buy your wife before you marry her. It keeps people from keeping the law of chastity and being baptised.

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