Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Letter from Michael 9-8-2014 Car Trouble and Transfers

Letter from Michael 9-8-2014  Car Trouble and Transfers

On Tuesday we had another transfer. One of the 2 Centurion areas in our district got closed. Now we have a 6 man district including the zone leaders. Elder Christie is a missionary in the Rabie Ridge 2 area. He is now training 18 year old Elder Todd from Lehi, Utah and moved to Utah his sophomore year of high school. He seems okay.
On transfer day our car broke. We are not sure but something like the clutch cable might have snapped. So we got a beat up loner car for a few day. Good thing too. We almost didn't get that car. If we didn't we would have to walk many miles to and from our area everyday.
As far as the work this week it was pretty decent considering the dilemmas we had. We Taught all together in one lesson Welehminah, Putsoletso, Inclabetse, and surprise about the law of chastity. Surprise is getting really into the lessons now. He is very excited about the gospel. We had taught them about the law of chastity. Inclabetse, Joyce, and Impumi were the investigators at church yesterday. Surprise said he would come but something must have come up and the same as for Xolani. We also taught Xolani and Impumi last we. Joyce just got home from work and fell asleep so she wasn't there for the lesson. Joyce did participate a lot at church and enjoys it. With Xolani and Impumi we just answered questions and re taught the restoration again because Xolani wasn't there for it last time. Amos we taught on Thursday. We talked to him about his situation with baptism and his wife. He said he talked with the bishop and came to the conclusion that he will be baptised on the 14th this month and he will bring his wife. Finally! After 5 years he will finally be baptised. So that was probably the best news all week. We got a few referrals from last week that we will try to contact this week. That is all for this week.

- Elder Johnson
From his mom:
As of right now we have 5 investigators close to baptism. (Inclabetse, Surprise, Joyce, and Impumi) That was not the centurion area that was closed. The one I went to on exchanges is still there. It is the zone leader area. In Protea Glen I had a South African Zone leader. He is now my new zone leader Hear. Elder Matos from Venezuela is the other one.  Food... I don't remember what I have told you. I have eaten disgusting Mopane worms... ox tail... kidney... pig's head. And non of them were very good to be honest. The pig head actually wasn't that bad when you get past the harry skin.

Awesome, sounds like BYU football might be pretty good this year! Thanks for the update!

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