Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Letter from Michael 9-15, 2014-Amos got Baptized!

Letter from Michael 9-15, 2014-Amos got Baptized!

Well, it has been another week. Amos got baptised on Sunday by Brother Musikito. Finally after years of investigating! Unfortunately his wife didn't make it to the service but at least he did. Three investigators came to church this week namely Amos, Rams, and Vundisa. Rams is doing well and mentioned how much he appreciates us coming to visit and teach him. We are his family. Vundisa is an older woman who we have started to teach. After church yesterday Brother Kevin from the stake presidency came out with Elder Harris and I to visit some less actives. He help out a lot. What a great man!

The weather definitely feels like summer already. Too soon! Two days ago we had to start opening windows and turn on the fan. We always thought that our car had really good air conditioning but now we realize it was just because it was winder and already cold. On Saturday we saw two white guys standing at a super market. It was so odd to see other white people in township. We made eye contact, grinned, and sharped each other from a distance. "Sharp" is like a slang word often used when we would say something like "What's up" or "good good."

On Friday we had a zone conference, It went quite well and I enjoyed it. We talked about a ton of things. We learned about the role of the Book of Mormon and the Holy Spirit in conversion, working with members in missionary  which we now call "Mesh-inary" work, the importance of our calling, and diligence. President Dunn is great and has a lot of enthusiasm that gets us fired up and motivate. He is helping us do great things. In a nutshell that was the week.

- Elder Michael Johnson

Part of letter from his Mom: Investigators are good. We have some new referrals last week who we can contact this week. Yes we do service. I don't know if I told you about us fixing a part member's roof, and helping pull out a big tree for them. The tree thing was rough to get out. I felt like the Steed family without proper equipment. Then last week we hand washed tons of great big blankets for a member. Boy that was some work! Especially wringing the soapy water out and then the rinsing water out.

Centurion Zone at Zone Conference Sept. 2014

Eating at zone conference

See below for last weeks letter.

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