Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter from Michael 6-30-2014- Baptism of Sanele


It is hard to believe that it has been a year now since I got my mission call. Time feels quick. On Friday he (Sanele) had an interview for baptism. The district leader said he is powerful and prepared. Yesterday was the baptismal service which went well. His sister who is a member spoke about baptism and then her friend spoke about the Holy Ghost at the service. Sanele is a great kid. We will encourage him to go to mutual and seminary.
            We have some new investigators who are both potential father lead families. We had our first lesson with Fannie. Elder Mwale was on exchanges with me at the time. He understood what we taught and what we all read together in the scriptures. He said next time we can teach the whole family. Then we started teaching someone named Prisca who lives next to the church and her friend next door is a member. She said on Tuesday we can teach the whole family. We found where some more members stay. One night I became hungry and we went to get a kota at the kota shop. There we met a member who has been inactive for a long time and invited us to come over on Tuesday. Her name is Refilwe. 
            In case you don't know what a kota is it is a loaf of bread stuffed with different kinds of meat, fries, cheese, egg, and sauce. There are some pretty good kotas out there.
            Sister V is recovering well and appreciates us coming to help her. I love getting fed by people as a missionary but it seems like every time we decide to buy something to eat immediately after we get fed by someone. So as missionaries we are either very hungry or over stuffed. This was a good week and ended so quickly.
- Elder Johnson
Part of a letter to his mom:

Thanks for the updates! I am grateful that you are getting better and that you and Dad enjoy talking about me. Scary about Sarah! I will pray! I am happy to hear that Austin and Chase are serving. I have never heard of a mission like Chase's. That is a very unique mission! Love you!
Elder Johnson
Fannie is a man. Prisca is 16. Both of them said we can teach the whole family next time.
Mwale is doing great! I enjoy teaching with him.

Part of letter to his dad:
Sanele's sister came. No one else from the family. I like that Sundae Monday thing! Brilliant. I will email Preston.

We meet the new president on Thursday. I actually miss driving a manuel car. I might want one of my own one day. Especially since they are cheaper. Also, I am used to driving on the left side of the road. It makes more sense in a manual to drive on the side they drive on here. It is better to have your good and on the wheel. Shift with the left.

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