Monday, June 23, 2014

Letter from Michael 6-23-2014- Baptism next Sunday

                This week went by very quick. Sanele has been coming to church and gets baptized this coming Sunday. He is 16 years old. His sister is older than him and is also a member. The rest of the family has not been taught yet. We hope to get to know them and start teaching them soon. 
                This week I had some good studies especially  on Wednesday. Elder Dutson and I found some great scripture to share with investigators to help them understand and progress. We did get dropped by one investigator named Paul. It was sad but he wouldn't hear anymore. Something about him changed dramatically. I had my first lesson by candle light this week. The power keeps going out in certain places in Protea Glen. Sister V went four days without any power and it was just her street.
                We have tried to visit more members to get more referrals but there is not much we can do when we don't have a member list or a map. Next Sunday will be a good one with the baptism. Hopefully we can get Gugu and Lebo baptized soon as well.
- Elder Johnson

Letter to his mom:
Wow, I am very grateful to hear the surgery went well and you are recovering! It is an answer to prayers!  Life should be much nicer now. This week was better as far as my companion's motivation. Sorry I don't write specifics. It just feels long and tedious. I will send a hand written letter sometime. I got some from you, one from Grandma DeDen, and one from Calvin. I will respond to them. One letter I got from you was disgusting. There was black stuff all over it. I might send a picture of it to you sometime. Well, get well, be good, and I continue to pray for you.
- Elder Johnson 

Part of  his letter to his dad:
We taught Sanele. He, Gugu, and Lebo came to church. THINGS TO PREPARE FOR MISSION: Worthiness, Study Book of Mormon everyday, study the New Testimate, Preach My Gospel, help the missionaries with teaching, Seminary and Institute are important, and Mission Prep classes. PARENTS: take your sons for home teaching and service. Family Home Evening every week. Invite missionaries over. Study the scriptures together as a family. Serve and care for those in your family. Be an example. Invite friends and fellowship......

About pigeons:
Yes, from plucking them. We cut the meat off of all the pigeons after we boiled them. Then we seasoned and fried. They were yum yum. :)

Plucking the pigeon

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