Monday, June 2, 2014

Letter from Michael 6-2-2014

Letter from Michael 6-2-2014
So  we have two investigators Gugu and Lebo who want to be baptized. But problems have come up from their parents and the bishop that has discouraged. We tried to clarify things for them and give them motivation and uplift. It seemed to help but I worry about them now. 
We decided that working with the members will be the best way for us to find investigators who will progress. It should go well since we have tons of member families in our area. In Polokwane we only had about  4 to visit. 
- Elder Johnson

PS: News from Polokwane:
I heard that Desmond and his friend Zachariah who we have been teaching went to institute or something. Also, a former investigator, Mojelefa, walked to church on Sunday.
- Elder Johnson

Part of letter to his dad: We never saw that guy again. (The man they met on the street last week) He must not be serious. Today is Elder Dutson's 19th Birthday by the way. Yeah, he walks at a more reasonable pace now. I hope and pray all goes well for Letitia and Jason's kids. I got the General Conference in the magazine. I couldn't watch it but at least I can read it now. 

The drawings below are  by Michael.

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