Monday, May 26, 2014

6 months (1/4th of mission) Letter from Michael 5-26-2014

Letter from Michael 5-26-2014 -6 months (1/4th of mission)

It has been a tough week as far as lessons not falling through. But we did a lot of tracting and found people to teach this week. One night Elder Dutson, Christopher, and I were walking somewhere to get picked up by the other Elders. They were walking pretty fast and I was walking slow but about as fast as I could. So they were ahead of me by about 30 or 40 yards. A guy in his 20's came up to me and I thought he was going to beg for money. Instead he asked if I was in a hurry and had a question about our church. So I called the others back over. He said he wanted to know how he can join the church. He said he is looking for the true church of Jesus Christ and not just some church built up by man to get gain. He wants to be somewhere where he can feel welcome. We got his number and gave him a Restoration pamphlet. We called and set up a time to meet him this week and he will come to church. Hopefully all goes well.

Anyway, we went to the Johannesburg temple last week. It feels like it has been so long. It has been 6 months. I am now 1/4 of the way through my mission! It was nice being back at the temple again. This Sunday the other Elders had 5 baptisms. One of them is the first white guy (Malungu) in the ward. Who would have thought they would find a white guy here in this Protea Glen township. Fun Fact: Elder Dutson's grandfather's calling is to compose music for the Hymn books. He composed the hymn "He Send His Son." Good one!

This weekend I began to read the New Testimate as I am finishing the Book of Mormon. As I was reading the Sermon on the Mount I also read about Jesus appearing to the Nephites. It was interesting comparing them as I read each simultaneously. The Bible and Book of Mormon truly testify of Christ and go hand in hand with each other. Those were the highlights of last week.
- Elder Johnson 

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