Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5-12-2014- Mother's Day phone call

Michael did not write a main letter, so here are some things he wrote to his parents

In his phone call Sunday, he said there was someone they committed to baptism. I ask who it was and this is what he said: The guy's name is Senele.

In the phone call, Michael was told to get vitamin E to put on his scare, he said the doctor told him to get something. This is the response: They told me to buy some "Scar Science."

It was fun talking with you and everyone else. Good luck on the rafting trip! Don't fall out.
 I got the stitches out this morning. It is good. Yes, I am grateful for sanitation and things we take for granted back home.

In his call, he also said the Mission President challenged them to bear their testimony to 5 people a day and mention a scripture you read that day and why it is important. They have met the challenge and have done 10 a day.
That is some info from his call and a few notes from emails to his parents.

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