Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter from Michael 6-16-2014

Transfers were last week. Elder Robins, from my MTC group, is now serving in Polokwane. Elder Haynes' companion after me was excited to finally meet me because apparently he heard a lot of good things from everyone in Polokwane. I taught about that sacrament in the Gospel Principles class at church. Four investigators came to church. The area definitely  has improved since before last transfer. We hope to improve much more. We cooked and ate pigeons on Saturday night. T'was pretty good. No, it didn't taste like chicken... it tasted more like beef. This week is just a short letter.
-Elder Johnson

Parts of letter to his mom:
Sanele is doing great. He is getting a lot of support from his sister. He is 16 years old. He is about as good of an investigator as Cynthia was. I heard Cynthia is still doing great and active. Sister V in our ward knows Bro. Jones and we talked a bit about him. I heard a story from others about a missionary from the past but it ended up being about Bro. Jones. Cool! Sister V was in the hospital and it now stuck in her house for 6 weeks. Every other day we check up on her and see if she needs help with anything. 
I MUST... and I SHALL pray for you, Mum. :) I already knew Suzie is going on a mission. She emailed me a bit about it when I was in Polokwane. Cool though! I am glad Phyllis got the card.
I have a cool pigeon story to write to you guys about by the way. Next we get a ward list which will help with the work a ton. Because we still don't know where a lot of the members and less actives live. 
I don't know if I already told you but for a while our phone was not working properly. We could only hear when the loud speaker was on. I forgot when I was making a call. While I thought it was still ringing I was singing a song. Later on when they saw me they asked why I was singing to them. Oops... I didn't here them answer because the phone was mute. hahaha. 

From letter to his dad:

Kabelo asks a lot of questions and studies but for some reason avoids formal lessons.

In Joburg

Mission shoes: It is not the is the mileage!

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