Monday, July 7, 2014

Letter from Michael 7-7-2014- New President

Letter from Michael 7-7-2014- New President

                President and Sister Dunn are great. They are fairly young, excited, and enthusiastic. He told us about some maxims he wanted us to learn. We talked about obedience, working with the members, and Diligence. He told us a bit more about getting mauled by a GRIZZLY BEAR! He had to get 500+ stitches or something like that! Anyway he seems nice. They are from Salt Lake, Utah... shocker.
                At the beginning of last tranfer the Joburg area of the mission was closed. Our mission song says, "We have been called to build the kingdom in Johannesburg" but now we have been called to build the kingdom AROUND Johannesburg.
                We got two new investigators which were both referrals from members. One of them came into the church on Saturday when we were cleaning for service. He said he wanted to repent and join the church. So we will see how that goes. We taught him the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon. That is the best way to find investigators who will progress. It is all about the referrals from members. So people back home, help out the missionaries in the work. It brings out the most success and progression in people. Also, we got some potential investigators in a very unique way. They kind of rescued us. It is a story I would have to write or talk about when I get home from my mission. They are a father lead family and we will have to try to teach them this week. By the way we finally got the member list! We have been seeing more members and looking for less actives. This Sunday someone finally got called to be in charge of the I/RC Gospel Principles class.Those were the highlights for this week. 
-Elder Johnson

From letter to his mom:

The week was good. Sanele was conferred a member of the church. Gugu, Lebo, and a referral from the members came to church. Good job on the studying. You are laying up treasures in heaven that bless you in this life as well. The Lord has been looking out for us and I have been reminded in the scriptures and experiences I've had about remember to give thanks to God for all of his tender mercies in our everyday lives.
Elder Johnson
The bishop confirmed him. 
Joburg has proven to be too dangerous. We are emailing now because we did our activity first. They saved us from a angry drunk man, but all is well.

From letter to his dad:

We did not teach Prisca or Fannie. We will try next week. I have mentioned briefly about the church history sites. I found the egg on the ground. & no they just have random fire everyday in the dead dry field which is Protea Glenn. 
Elder Johnson
The photos were taken from: It was a lion park near Rumsig



This tower got highjacked by homeless people. So now the tower is taken over by them and it is just a sqauter camp in there. It must be a very scary place.

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