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Letter from Michael 7-21-2014- An Interesting Transfer

7-21-2014- An Interesting Transfer

On Saturday we got the transfer news. Elder Dutson and I are both leaving. Apparently a lot of missionaries went home or are going home on Tuesday so there won't be enough missionaries to cover all the areas. Our area is supposedly going to open up after one transfer when we have more missionaries. They closed down three other areas too. It is too bad. I like Protea Glen a lot and would like to have stayed one more transfer. There will still be missionaries in Protea Glen though. Elder Mwale and his next companion will take over both of our areas. Which makes a pretty big one. 

Last week I forgot to mention something about Lazarus who hasn't been to church since I have been there. He finally came last Sunday and came this Sunday as well. He wants his family to be taught and come to church as well as a few of his friends. Hopefully all goes well with that. 

Fun Fact: In South Africa the people put 2 liter bottles of water on their front lawn so that dogs don't make a mess in their yard. It actually works too. It keeps the dogs away. I wonder why...

My favorite food that people feed us here is Dumbolo which is dumpling, gravey, meat, and veggies.  A while ago I tried some Mopane worms which was discusting as you could imagine. The texture is not good and it leaves a bad after taste. Many South African kids watch wrestling on TV and so they love John Cina. So when they see me they don't call me Elder Johnson. They call me Elder John Cina. I heard a rumor that John Cina is a member of the church but it probably is just a rumor. 

Yesterday, as Elder Dutson and I walked to Gugu and Lebo's house a car pulled up to us. There were two ladies in the front seat and one of them called out to us. I responded and walked over to them. They said something like, "Hey,  I've never kissed a white man before... is it okay if I kiss you." I smiled and said, "Have a nice day..." and I started walking away. They kept saying similar things as I continued toward Gugu and Lebo's house. Elder Dutson jokingly asked me why I didn't say yes.

Well, Protea Glen was great and am sad to leave but excited for a new experience. We have already said some goodbyes but tonight we are having a big family home evening with the members. It should be nice.

- Elder Johnson

Parts of his letter to his mom:
Gugu and Lebo went to church. Senele is still coming. Lesego we have not been able to see. People are always busy and we have to reschedule. I forgot about the bird. I will write it down so that I don't forget.I will pray for yours and Dad's health.

parts of his letter to his dad: We didn't teach Rose. She said she would come to church but did not. We did not teach Lesego. We had many canceled appointments. I done't know much asbout transfers. I will no more on Tuesday when the transfer happens. Elder Haynes is now District leader. I know he will be great!

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