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7-14- 2014 Last Week with Elder Dutson

7-14- 2014    Last Week with Elder Dutson

                Last week we started teaching a referral from a member. His name is Lesego. He is 18 years old and enjoys church. He wants to make changes in his life and is excited about the gospel. We taught him at the church with a member named Bongani. Bongani is in his twenties and is preparing to serve a mission soon. He makes a good for fellowship for investigators and recent converts. We have been getting referrals from members here in there because we have been visiting. That is the best way to find people to teach. Every member should pray and find people for the Elders to visit.
                In our tracting we found a lot of potential investigators. We set up appointments with some of them. One of our lessons is an inactive member that we found while tracting. It turns out most of the houses around the church have people who used to be members but stopped coming for one reason or another. The inactive member we found was Rose.
                Next Tuesday is transfer Day. Most likely Elder Dutson will be leaving. President Dun said transfers are going to be a bit different from now on. He is making it better and a more spiritual experience. So we will see how that goes. I like what President Dunn is doing with the mission. He has been changing things here and that make that work much nicer. Last week Elder Dutson sent his 1st letter back home and he is over a year now on mission. I don't write or email much but at least I do some.
                There are some funny things I have noticed recently. One is when people ask me if we have McDonald's or KFC back home in America. It just cracks me up. It is "Kentucky Fried Chicken" not "Kenyan Food Corporation." I also have noticed that we get a lot more funny looks, stares, and comments about our race here in Protea Glenn as Apposed to in Polokwane. People here aren't used to seeing white people. But it is fine. I just gets a bit annoying sometimes. By the way, Sister V is much better and even came to church this Sunday. It was good to see her there again. Anyway, it was another good week and I'll send the transfer news next week.
- Elder Johnson

Part of letter to his mom:
We have a ward mission leader. His name is Tumello and he is going to serve in Ghana soon. The mission president has not told us how it happened either. He is saving it for another time. (Grizzly attack)

Part of his letter to his dad:
Gugu and Lebo came to church. Sanele is doing well. The Vodacom tower was taken over a long time ago. I emailed Brother Jones but I don't think he ever got the message. . It sounds like a great trip with the priests! Great story! That makes for a good lesson. I don't remember the name of the bird but I will tell you next week.

Michael’s SD card got a virus or something when he put it in the computer at the internet café to send photos. Now he can’t see any photos. He is going to send it home and we will try to see if we can recover them. Does anyone have any ideas? There are no photos this week.                                                                       

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