Monday, January 5, 2015

Letter from Michael  1-5-2015  Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. It was a great one for us. In our mission it is dangerous to proselyte on New Years so we stayed home for the day. Actually we had our zone activity which was sports and Braai (BBQ). Transfer news came in on Saturday. Elder Kolditz got released as a district leader and is staying. I will be leaving to a new area tomorrow.
Sunday was a pretty good day. I got to say good bye to a lot of people. Gorgeous, one of the father-lead family who can to church last week, we taught about the Godhead to. They loved it and even offered to feed us. The would be great members of the church. I can see them being baptize soon. We had quite a few investigators come to church namely George, Gorgeous and the other 4 members of his family, and then of course Mphumsi. The members didn't do a very good job at fellowshipping this time. They only fellowshipped Mphumsi. We will have to talk to our members about that so people don't get ignored at church. Also we had some less actives come to church including, Sewela, Zanele, and Brother Mlhanga whose family we gave Christmas gifts to. Last week we found another father-lead family and started teaching one of Mphumsi's friends who lives next door.
Also, last week I went on exchanges with Elder Matos in centurion. We taught some great people. They were so kind and welcoming I felt like at home. But tracting or contacting in Town is rough. It is like other missions... no one wants to listen. It was nice to have the exchange and experience new things.
- Elder Michael Johnson

part of the letter to his mom:
For New Years we did sports, Braai, Risk, and a game very similar to Mafia. It is actually more fun. It is called "Wolf." I will have to show you when I get back.  Yes, people are starting to now come back home. Mphumsi is still on date for the 11th. Hopefully the water will be working then. The Sunday before Christmas the pipes in the chapel broke. We will see. Mphumsi said he would email me his baptism picture. The car still needs to be repaired but that will be after I leave. We had to give our extra car to Kampton park. So we won't have a car when we get ours fixed.
Awesome news about Dutson! I'm sorry to hear about Austin. Can't wait to try your new recipes! Sounds delicioso! I have been studying the Doctrine and Covenants and came across some interesting quotes and commentary in the manual. We went to a place called Chameleon Village to get some souvenirs. It was exhausting because everyone in all these little shops want us to buy their stuff. They grab our hands and take us to their shop and show us everthing. They  act so desperate. tO BUY IS ALL JUST BARGINING. There are no set prices. You can even trade stuff. I got a few monkeys and some pretty painting for not much. There is a nice place near our flat where they sell real South African diamonds. They even have diamonds that are only $250. Plus missionaries get a discount. Some things are so much cheaper than back home.

Part of his letter to  his dad:
Tshediso did not come to church. He was but he has the flu. We stped by to
visit yesterday and found him reading the Book of Mormon. I got a picture
of his family and got his email address.
That is a shame about Florida state.
Oh. Preston baptized Justin. Awesome!
That is so good to hear about Dutson. I am so happy for him. He will make a
great missionary. Congrats on finishing the BOM. I am soon to finish
myself. That is great that you can still read French. I will bring home a
Zulu Book of Mormon.

There are several pictures of Michael this week on his mission's blog:

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