Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter from  Michael 1-26-2015  Hello Again

            This Sunday was a great Sunday. Selina and her kids came to church and some less actives came to church. On of the less active who came Quinton. He has been struggling with the word of wisdom and hadn't been to church in a long time. It was really good for him to come again. There were tons of people who attended sacrament meeting. There were over 80 people who came. It helped the members in our branch to get excited again at missionary work. For a long time no one here had any faith in it but now are seeing good things happening in the branch. Elder Perez said that he believes that the branch is beginning to have faith in or trust missionaries again. 
            Also, last week I was able to see more member families and the branch presidency. It went well. Our relationship with them is beginning well. Other than that the work last week was a bit slow. So many people had to cancel appointments. A member of our branch wrote us a letter about what he is been through in his life. It was some pretty intense stuff. It is remarkable that despite all of the horrible things he has endured in his life he didn't turn against God but only trusted that God still loved him and was preparing him to be what he was meant to be.
Elder Bruce R. McConkie said, "The testing processes of mortality are for all men, saints and sinners alike. Sometimes the tests and trials of those who have received the gospel far exceed any imposed upon worldly people. Abraham was called upon to sacrifice his only son. Lehi and his family left their lands and wealth to live in a wilderness, Saints in all ages have been commanded to lay all that they have upon the altar..." If we live righteously our losses will be made up and blessed for our sacrifices we make. 
- Elder Michael Johnson

Part of his letter to his mom:
We did donate the Book of Mormons to the Library.  the usual attendance is much lower though. 
Part of his letter to his dad:

Jonathan, Selina, and Tapewa came to church. All of them have family members or a friend in the church. Not really any fruits this week from our finding efforts. 

Protea Glen fire

at Rabie Ridge

Sthediso (David) and Mapule

Bro. Amos's baptism

Chipiso family

Onkabetsi, Putsoletso, and Welemina


Mopane Worms

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