Monday, January 19, 2015

Letter from Michael1-19-2015 week 2 in Witbank

It was another good week in Witbank. On Satrday we did a lot of finding. We found 4 father lead families to teach. Two of them we already began teaching. We also found a few other individuals as well. On Sunday Dewald and Jonathan came to church again. We also had three people walk in for the first time. There was Zuele who is the 18year old son of Sister Nkosi, Krisben, and Selina with her children. They enjoyed church very much and would love to come again. We scheduled appointments with all of them to see them this week. Some other father lead families we are teaching is Thelma's family and Stanley's family.
There are some things I failed to mention about the Witbank area. There is a lot of pollution in the air and water. None of the water here is safe to drink unless it is filtered or comes from a bore hole. Many of the people here are from Zimbabwe so they speak Shona. Hopefully I will be able to learn a bit soon. The Missionary who I replaced here served in Rabie Ridge with Elder Harris just before I got here. His name is Rushton and his trainer trained him in Rabie Ridge. Rushton's traainer, Elder Beers, is now my zone leader. Elder Perez also served his first area in Rabie Ridge. Elder Kolditz also served here in Witbank and Rabie Ridge. In fact Elder Kolditz trained Elder Beers in Witbank. Crazy how that is, eh? It is quite the web of connections. In this area we are not sharing a car with other Elders. It is stange only being around on missionary who is Elder Perez. Last week I failed to mention that a man named Terry helped us out when our car died. He towed us to the nearest gas station. He asked about what we do and where the church is. He gave us his number even and told us to give him a call. We will try that this week. Elder Perez and I are planing on donating copies of the Book of Mormon to the library in Witbank. We are going to put stamps on the books with numbers to contact and where to find the church. Hopefully all goes well with that. We will see this week.
- Elder Michael Johnson

Letter to his mom:
We got the car back on Tuesday morning. It is fine now. It was something wrong with the wiring. I don't know about a specific email time. Perhaps usually the same time as last week. Today we could not use the chapel to email because someone did not lock the electric door properly so it is stuck. I won't be sending pics today then. I am not able to use a gym here unfortunatly. It is hot here but there are a lot more trees to give shade. Yes, I know Bernard. I got some letters from you and both sets of grandparents. Tell them I said thanks very much and I love them. I heard how they went to Disneyland and Grandpa even went in an electric chair. It seems to work for everyone. That is awesome to here that David is back and well! Time flys!
(When asked what he does for water and when earing at the house of others;) We have a filter. At someones house....? we hope and pray. (When asked where most of the people that live there are from and what they speak, also where the polution comes from:) It was still mostly Sepedi. Some Shona though. At least with my experience. Yes, from the mines.
Douglas from Protea Glen is now baptized and Mphumsi is baptized. i wil ask for pics.
My 1st Sunday I gave a talk about faith. We teach gospel principles.

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