Monday, December 29, 2014

Letter from Michael 12-29-2014  Father Lead Families

Last week was pretty great! We all enjoyed Christmas very much with skypeing family and the Christmas party. At the Christmas party we got fed break fast and were given Christmas presets by the senior couple missionaries and some of the members. They got us all gifts since the post office has been on strike and Elder probably wouldn't get packages. We also got to watch the movie "Meet the Mormons." It was amazing! All of the Elder were stoked and especially got excited when it showed the part at the Johannesburg, South Africa MTC. It is very special that we got to watch it since it is still in theaters in America. President Dunn used to advertise for and produce church movies. That's how he was able to get connections so we could watch it so early. 
On Saturday we did some tacking on one street after teaching a new investigator who was a referral from a member. We just skipped around following the feelings of the Holy Spirit and each house we tracted into we met families and scheduled appointment with them. The last family we tracted into actually came to church this Sunday like they said they would. That almost never happens. I remember the father's name was Gorgeous, the son's name was Vision, & I don't remember the name of the mother or daughter. The whole family accept the daughter made it to the church. They arrived a bit late though because they got lost looking for a tent church. You will never find an LDS tent church, haha! Another father-lead family came to church as well. It was Tshedis and Mapule. They enjoyed church and Sthediso and Mphumsi realized that they are neighbors and just at church started to become friends. Mphumsi said he wants to come to our lessons with Sthediso as well. Mphumsi obviously came to church and is still on date for baptisms. Everybody in the ward loves him and wants to come with us to visit him. He is truly a golden investigator. Another investigator who came to church was Sam who is a member's cousin. He is Evanz's cousin. He said he always felt something was not right when he went to other churches. But he said this time at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints he said he felt happy and spiritually uplifted. We won't be teaching him anymore but the Rabie Ridge 2 Elders will be. He is moving back over to there side. He was living with Evanz because he got in a huge fight with his brother. So we taught him about forgiveness and prayer which helped him with that. That was about all for last week. Happy Old Year and Happy almost New Year!
- Elder Michael Johnson
P.S. - I have been inspired this week to write more in my journal. This quote I read yesterday motivates me. "HISTORY WILL BE KIND TO ME FOR I INTEND TO WRITE IT."-Winston Churchill  

Part of his letter to his mom:
Yep, we are spoiled! It was great to talk to and see you guys!
Yes, I opened the Christmas package early. Jessica told me about her postcard. In the interview he said this new year is my time to shine and he say he has good things in store for me. 
(about being chased by rhinos)
No, I hid behind the tree and then snuck away. We read in the brochure that there were jaguars but we didn't see any.

Part of his letter to his dad:
Shame about Ariel's car. Thanks for inviting her! It was great to see her and each of you on Christmas. It made my Christmas.I am glad you got to record it all. Technology is great but can be frustrating sometimes. We tried so many gadgets on Christmas that did not work. Shame about Simon. I will pray for him. Thanks for the updates about the BYU Brawl, haha! Tell the Smith's hi back for me! It was great to hear from you!

To see pictures of his mission Christmas party go to:

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