Monday, December 22, 2014

Letter from Michael 12-22-2014  Merry Christmas

Last week even more people left to Limpopo. We did our best though. Hardly anyone was at church on Sunday. Mphumsi came to church as always and the four of us Elders sang a Christmas song in sacrament meeting. We tried... The other elders had a baptism planed for that day but the pipes burst and we had to shut off the water. So, Tsshepo, their investigator will have to wait to get baptized the same day as Mphumsi on Jan. 11th.  We started teaching Mphumsi's  friend whose name is Bongani. He seemed excited. We will hopefully see him on Friday.
On Wednesday last week we had a lesson with Mphumsi. We brought a member with us and reviewed the restoration as we watch "Prophet of the Restoration." After the movie we talked about the movie and then one by one we bore testimony of the Restored gospel. Mphumsi was the last to bare testimony and we could feel the presence of the Holy Ghost strongly there. He and Elder Kolditz got pretty choked up. That is saying something for an African. They don't normally get emotional. In that lesson we learned how converted to the gospel Mphumsi really is. Perhaps the same can happen with 2 of his friends we are now teaching.
On Sunday yesterday I saw something I never thought I would ever see in my life. That was my week. Now Merry Christmas to everyone!
"Never give up... Never surrender" - Captain Taggart (Galaxy Quest)
- Elder Johnson

part of letter to his mom:
Yes, I will most likely Skype you around 7:00am Utah time. It will be about 4:00pm here. No, I don't cook special things. Just quick things. We never have time. Last week we did make "no-bake cookies" for members. I got a lot of letters from you and one from Uncle Jack. I need to email him. Yep, we found, Bongani, Mphumsi's friend. Love yoyu!
- Elder johnson

part of his letter to his dad:
Rams is okay. I gave him the last general conference issue.  Joyce made it clear that she never wants to hear or see us ever again. We did not teach Jack. I miss the Dutch oven cooking. It is great! Wow, I like that little lesson they taught. Good job grandma & grandpa! Yep, we have had some Christmas lesson's. All great to hear! I will see you on Christmas!
Elder Johnson

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