Monday, November 9, 2015

Letter from Michael 11-9-2015 – Four Weeks Left

Last week was a long one. We did much tracting and scheduled many appointments but almost all of them canceled. Karabo who is an investigator has baptism date set for the end of January. We would like to have it earlier but she is going to be out of town for summer break. The Tsakane 1 elders had a baptism for a woman named Felicia. Interestingly she asked me to baptize her even though I did not know her. I couldn't because I didn't have any clothes to change into. So one of the members baptized her. The gospel principle classes are different here. The members take turns each week in teaching the class. They teach in English and Zulu in the classes. Because of this it is difficult for Elders to pay attention. This Sunday it seemed they were mostly speaking Zulu. 
Quote: "It is better to prepare and prevent, than to repair and repent."  - Ezra Taft Benson

Part of his letter to his mom:
Yes, there are 4 Elders serving in the branch like it was in Polokwane. Last week was frustrating. We went around every day everywhere trying to find a place where we could buy electricity because we ran out. Everybody referred us to some other place until finally today we figured it all out. Most of the time we could buy electricity anywhere. But this flat complex uses private electricity so there is only one store in the world where we can pay for our electricity. 

You have to prepay for the phone as well. You have to buy what we call "airtime" here. They don't do the contract thing.

Yes, I got cards from many. I got some from you, the Binders, the Brittners,  and the Johnson Grandparents!

Yes, the food was good. Everywhere it is chicken and rice. After district meeting our district went to our area to tract to find us some investigators. We will contact them this week. We found a cool Kota shop where we can sit down and have free juice. I was going to send a picture of it. But a virus destroyed the picture.

Dell, Thendai, marriage officer, and the Youlton family.

Alberton Flat

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